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Rent To Own - No Credit Needed!

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As a consumer with many options when it comes to shopping, we know the choices can be overwhelming. When it comes to renting furniture, appliances, computers, and electronics, Champion is your best choice. Champion does not require credit. We do not lock you into long contracts. And, you cancel anytime.

Champion is a resource for whether you need us temporarily to replace a washer that's in the repair shop, or would like to rent-to-own your kid's laptop for college, we are always here to help. You're already approved.

Your Name Matters. Not Your Credit Score.

You know the drill. You visit a retail store. You find the perfect must-have item. You sign up for a store credit card. And then it happens: You find that approval comes with a hitch—an astronomical interest rate.

The truth is that most retailers offering credit cards will charge you an interest rate between 15 to 20 percent. Lower credit scores often command even higher interest rates. And that's on top of any annual fees or special delivery and warranty charges.

Champion doesn't issue credit cards, and you don't have to even own one to purchase with us. We don't even check your credit. Our no-credit-needed stance is firm, and there are plenty of reasons why, all of which have your best interests in mind.


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  • Address: 2479 Citrus Blvd., Leesburg, FL 34748
  • Phone:  (352) 435-5055
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